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Why Feed Raw

The benefits of feeding a balanced raw diet become apparent relatively quickly after you begin, you also have the peace of mind that you are feeding a species appropriate diet.

We have noticed with our own dogs that their fur has become thicker and shinier, filled-in in places where they were bald before, including an all-round improvement in their general health and digestive health too.

Our dogs look better, lean and well-toned too. Our vet visits are fewer. However, please ensure that you do take your fur babies for their annual check-up. The other huge benefit for us was, their stools have gotten smaller and definitely smell less; this makes the task of picking them up a bit more pleasant too.

A species appropriate diet 

Feeding your furry friend a balanced raw diet, is feeding...

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And as the saying goes… “Variety is the spice of life!”

Imagine if you were made to eat the same thing, at the same time, every single day for the rest of your natural life.

Not very appealing, it’s boring and unappetising to say the least!

Switching your furry friend’s food to raw, provides the required Variety!

Switch proteins. Switch brands. Feed them outside.  Just make life a bit more exciting for him/her -  they rely on you for this, and for some furry friends, meal times are the most exciting part of their day. 

How much to feed.

General guideline;

Dogs eat 2-3% of their expected adult weight. 

Cats eat about 3% of the adult weight. 

Each brand of food will have a feeding recommendation on the packaging as well. 

It is possible for your furry friend to become overweight on a raw diet, just like on any other food, please be sure to monitor your dog or cat to make sure they are maintain a healthy weight.

Being overweight puts extreme strain on their joints, and can cause serious health issues later on.

If you are concerned about your furry friend's weight please speak to your vet.